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  • What is the best mattress for long term use?
    For long gevity, the premium grade mattress foam is recommended. This can feel a little bit firmer in the beginning but will outlast both low and medium density mattress foam by a long shot, proving best value for money.
  • Is there a water resistant foam?
    Yes, closed-cell foam is waterproof and is made from PVA or polyethylene. Unlike other foams, water cannot run through closed cell foam which makes it buoyant and ideal for marine environment.
  • What glue can be used for foam?
    Contact adhesive is commonly used to adhere foam both to itself and other surfaces. This can be either painted on using a brush or sprayed on both surfaces. Contact adhesive is a touch-dry method. This doesn't mean it is completely dry, but refers to the solvents dissipating, allowing the glue to set. Applying to early will result in uncured adhesive, applying too late means the glue has already set. To check if ready, simply press your fingers against the glue. The glue may still feel wet but will not stick to your fingers.
  • Do you accept Basics Card?
    Yes. We are proud to announce we do now accept Basics Card

Josette B

"If foam or rubber cut to size or shape is what you need this is the place to go. Glen was very helpful and happy to help us with our request. Thanks Glen"
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